In the Department of Neurology at Hochzirl Hospital, there is also a vivid research focus in addition to the clinical core competence. These research activities are performed either locally, or in multi-centre and international cooperation.

Main topics are centred around intrathecal baclofen and the evaluation of its effects and side effects in various diseases; diagnosis and therapy of neurogenic swallowing disorders, among others by applying pharyngeal electrical stimulation; development and evaluation of robotic neurorehabilitation devices in close cooperation with the industry; pharmacological studies in the fields of stroke and multiple sclerosis; neurophysiological studies in healthy subjects and patients with various neurological diseases, mainly focusing on brainstem reflexes and their modulation.

Future research will focus on quality control of applied neurorehabilitation concepts. New technological developments will encompass studies applying brain-computer-interfaces and new analytic approaches in evoked potential testing.