Nursing team

All three nursing concepts are equally matched, they can intertwine and are used by the nursing team according to the patient's individual situation and to the sequential steps of the nursing concept.

A professional nursing team works around the clock with and on the patient. This gives the nurses different opportunities to become actively involved in the patients' care:

Through individual application of different nursing concepts, the persons cared for are encouraged and supported to meet their specific needs. During the day, the nursing team endeavours to support the existing resources of the patients. During the night, the nurses try to create effective rest and recovery phases adopting appropriate measures. It is important for the nurses that the patients regain a well-balanced day and night rhythm.

"B-Phase"-patients require the special presence of the nursing team. Based on the clinical picture and the course of disease, the vital signs of these patients are monitored 24 hours by central monitoring when necessary. Besides the activating therapeutic care, the focus in nursing is also on the appropriate management of the probe/tube and tracheal cannula, as well as the close monitoring after special examinations like e.g. evaluation of Baclofen.