Nursing team

Activating care

  • The independence of the patients should be supported
  • Help patients to help themselves
  • The remaining independence should be preserved
  • Depending on the limitations, the nurse supports with partial assumption of tasks, partial assistance, instructions, advice
  • Mobility and skills are improved
  • Perception is promoted
  • Inclusion of relatives in the rehabilitation process

Therapeutic activating care

  • The existing resources of the persons cared for (abilities and skills) are the basis for the therapeutic activating care
  • It is characterized by a relationship process with well mapped-out measures/activities
  • The interventions and the objective are planned, carried out and constantly evaluated with the patient, the team and the relatives

Holistic care

  • The human being is seen as a whole, not only his illness or his limitations
  • The physical, psychological and the social needs are established, they are the basis for the treatment of the patient
  • Special attention is given to maintain the dignity of the patient and his right to self-determination